Friday, May 21, 2021


 Anatta is the idea that humans have no soul or self. The Buddha taught that people have no soul because nothing is permanent and everything changes. Although the Buddha accepted that we exist as people, he also believed that we can only come closer to enlightenment when we accept that we are changing beings

Anicca (impermanence) - This means instability, or a lack of permanence. Dukkha (dissatisfaction) - This means that everything leads to suffering.
hola hermano -  great wisdom from childhood in the Row your Boat song. i sing it when i am out kayaking or paddling with a minor change - paddle, paddle, paddle your boat, out into the Bay, merrily, merrily, merrily, enjoying this beautiful day.

i agree that on deepest level there is no ego self and that the play of lila/maya is ongoing change so no permanence in any physical object that manifests including us two-leggeds.  soul to me is atman, - the essence of a person which is in fact the same as Brahman, theunchanging, universal spirit or consciousness which underlies all things. 

What happens when you have to row against the current and/or wind?
The real ending of Row, Row, Row is Life is but a dream, If you see an crocodile don't forget to Scream.

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