Sunday, December 2, 2018

What took more courage? To give up and allow yourself to be drafted and go to Vietnam?

Ron Alexander I wish I would have enough courage to go to Canada like so many of my Brothers did during Vietnam war. I would have been disowned by family and most US citizens, but it would have been worth it to my integrity. And my family has disowned me since anyway. However, thanks to all my friends here, I do not feel disowned by country YET.
Betsy Lame Smalarz Ron Alexander
Home is not a place. Home is a power...that power deep within...those strong convictions that you have of what is right and good and true ...that allows you to stand your ground no matter where you are and no matter what circumstances yo
u find yourself in. This is what you value and this is what you protect. And wherever you are and whomever you are with will be blessed and benefited by your presence. The world needs individuals like you. Letting your light shine even in the darkest place helps others to see the path forward.
Ron Alexander Wow, I have gotten more courage in my older years, nothing left to lose or to prove, thank you Betsy LameSmalarz!
Betsy Lame Smalarz Ron Alexander
Don't worry! There's plenty more to do! And you're very good at it! Thank you, Ron.
Ron Alexander This may be the gift of 45, that he has opened so many of us to GOP greed and corruption, that we now do not feel alone anymore. I have been thinking like this ever since watching what was going on in Vietnam, and wondering why am I so alone to see so much money going to that war, and NOT to the health, welfare and education for all of us? Ben And Jerry sponsored an educational movement with the discs, pies, which I joined for awhile, however I could find few takers down here, and they went away when John Edwards from N. C. was busted for his extramarital affair. His wife was always the shining light in that relationship anyway. Thanks again Betsy Lame Smalarz

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