Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dr Hew Len 4 of 9, ho'oponopono The Divinity has given me one more chance to make amends for whatever is going on in me.

I was at hospital about 4 years. The turnaround time for patients changed from a few years to a few months. With not work programs, we started making cookies, polishing shoes, washing carts...I didn't plan it, it just did it, because I didn't say lets do this, it didn't happen that way. "No one could leave this unit without a physician's signature...but we were able to have a jogging and tennis program, but i didn't do anything but keep cleaning. I watched in awe at what God can do, "Wow, I should just do more cleaning instead of being annoyed and irritable. Certain staff would come on the ward, and the patients would go crazy. Instead of asking why, I just cleansed. 100% responsibility, "what is going on in me that the ward would go crazy when certain staff came in." What memories do we share that I need to erase?  "Intentions" is just a concept that is data based. I am not here to save anybody, I am not God, I am just here to clean myself. What is going on in me that I need to make amends for (when lady in Japan came to him saying she only had 2 months to live with Cancer diagnosis). I am sorry, please forgive me (my data). thank you. I love you. One of the things I had to work on this old judgement of someone who tells a patient they have only 2 months to live. Divinity has to do the work of erasing, I cannot. The Divinity has given me one more chance to make amends for whatever  is going on in me. So I am clear my only purposeful meaning is to be free so I can be aligned with Source.

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