Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sometimes love requires

Sometimes love requires very strong boundaries, a bully child needs to be stopped, even to being locked up, sad as that may be.Ethel Quisler: Agreed....tough love is still love!

Thankas Inn Dharamshala What many forget is that besides compassion, there is also wrathful compassion ❤️

Thankas Inn Dharamshala In Tibetan Buddhism this is an emanation of wrathful compassion, a protector, his name is Vajra Pani
Jacob Slegten · 
Ron Alexanderi know... that's the dark night of the soul...
Jacob Slegten 
by that... awakening is Not far...
Jacob Slegten ·

Love... to You... and yor Child...
RonAlexander And that child is the president

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