Monday, August 14, 2017

A Christian Pastor Just Called Out Every White American In Epic Response To Virginia Rally

Reverend John Pavlovitz has been preaching the gospel for two decades, but unlike his Trump-supporting counterparts, he actually practices what he preaches.In the below piece, posted to his website today, Pavlovitz shows the courage to say what many will not about the terrifying scene that unfolded today. Every white American needs to take urgent action to confront the scourge of racist hate.  What we’re watching unfold in Charlottesville, with hundreds of white people bearing torches and chanting about the value of white lives and shouting slurs, is not a “far Right” protest. When you move that far right, past humanity, past decency, past goodness—you’re something else.  You’re not a supremacist, you’re not a nationalist, and you’re not alt-Right.
This is racism.                           This is domestic terrorism.     This is religious extremism.          This is bigotry.         It is blind hatred of the most vile kind.It doesn’t represent America.      It doesn’t represent Jesus.  It doesn’t speak for the majority of white Americans.                 It’s a cancerous, terrible, putrid sickness that represents the absolute worst of who we are.

Though all of us can eventually trace our lineage back to oneness, all carrying a varied blood in our veins—the surface level differences matter to these torch-bearers. They value white lives and white voices above anything else, and so we whose pigmentation matches theirs need to speak with unflinching clarity about this or we simply amen it.
So I’m saying it.

We are not with you, torch-bearers, in Charlottesville or anywhere.
We do no consent to this.
In fact we stand against you, alongside the very beautiful diversity that you fear.
We stand with people of every color and of all faiths, people of every orientation, nationality, and native tongue.
Ron: Non-violence is vital, hatred cannot overcome hatred, only love can overcome hatred. (MLK Jr.)

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