Saturday, August 12, 2017

Be as a child again,

Be as a child (Beginner's Mind, Emptiness) again, to enter the gates of heaven?

Ron Alexander Could this help explain dementia, senility?
Karen Sara Tracy Looney I feel like dementia results from a life long suppression of emotions and thoughts. Towards the end of life this souls wants to clear out, so we carry that baggage onwards, yet it's too painful and overwhelming.
Ron Alexander Interesting, could it be both and more? I am looking for compassionate way of interpreting it, and it is different for individuals. Have you seen the Notebook movie?
Karen Sara Tracy Looney yes I saw that. It could be a perfect storm kind of a mix, with environmental and genetic contributions.
Ron Alexander The answer, no matter the cause, they (we) treat then(us) with loving kindness.

Paula Dyer Thank you Ron xxx

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