Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Re-connect with your inner child

 However, even with these understanding, we still need to go back to that wonderful child that was so vulnerable, accepting and innocent. The child that lost the innocence of youth through
traumas that occurred at different stages in its development. We need to release the wounded inner child and to explore in a gentle and loving manner, the wonder and delight that it is to be a
child again. To live in joy, and to become this innocent child in our daily lives. To do tumble wheels, cartwheels, handstands; to run, jump, sing, paint or draw; all of these are creative extensions springing from a healthy relationship with our inner child.
Just by being in the present moment, we express these childlike delights in our everyday lives. We fill our life with the scent of roses, the smell of the ocean, the sight of the mountains and with Love of Life. We fulfill our own needs through Love, understanding, and forgiveness, and by embracing our inner child.
We need to nurture and embrace our inner child by hugging and loving the adult, then moving back and exploring this inner child, sending forgiveness and Love into our environment as we created it at the time. Perhaps we chose a challenging environment to learn from in order to experience our true nature. We all choose the family into which we are born, we all choose to incarnate into a particular environment and at a particular moment in time. We carry through belief systems, not only from this lifetime but other lifetimes, which causes us to act and react and behave in a particular manner in this dance of life, in this intricate weaving. We create our perceived reality and the people that are with us in this perceived reality. As we dance and we weave our images, some of these creations might be drab but then we start to see the Light and we bring in multicolor and we create a weaving that is more suitable to us, and more suitable to our reality as Master Beings of Love and Light."

~ Anrita Melchizedek

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