Sunday, August 13, 2017

What brings you ...A guide to fav. places in CA

What brings you joy?

Roz Brooks

What I suggest to people is that the thing to do is very simple. Just ask yourself: What brings you joy? What makes you happy? And that is your biggest signal into your heart. What has happened is that we have become a society of people that live from the head. But it is our heart that is actually the doorway to our soul and the doorway to our infinite self. So start living from your heart and ask yourself everyday, “What brings me joy?” Everything you do, whether you are going to work, or praying, or meditating, ask yourself, “Am I doing this out of love for myself, out of love for the people around me, out of love for my life?” Or “Am I doing this out of fear of the consequences?” and interestingly—nine times out of 10—you will find that most people do something not because they want to do it, but because they are afraid that if they don’t do it, there will be consequences.
Anita Moorjani

Ron Alexander The best years of my life was in California 1985 to 1999. I coming back and going to all my fav. places possibly doing a travelogue documentary from Mt. Shasta, Mendocino, to Marin County to Yosemite to Monterrey to Carmel to the Sequioas to the Redwoods to Owens Valley to Mariposa to San Diego to Napa to the Desert to ? (Let me know where you recommend)😋
Roz Brooks All those places you mention are the best places on the planet Ron Alexander
Roz Brooks La Jolla is another great place ...don't forget Laguna Beach & Carlsbad too :). My fav of all of them is Monterey , Carmel, Pebble Beach ( 17 mile drive) you forgot Capitola, another Fav of mine and of course there's no place like Tahoe :) ❤️
Ron Alexander Bolinas
Roz Brooks That's the town that doesn't want company in Marin county ... cute town :) ❤️
Ron Alexander Roz Brooks Been there many times, tiny hidden port and beach town. They take down the signs so tourists want find them. Best 4th of July celebration.
Ron Alexander Malibu, Venus Beach, Newport...the best way to get to airport from Santa Monica scenic avoiding the freeways.
Roz Brooks Lived in Southern Ca for 15 years and Northern for 20 years. Although Monterey and Carmel are so beautiful and two of my favorite places, I like the Northern part of the state better.  
Ron Alexander I lived 14 years in Marin County and love the variety. Port, mountain village, Muir Redwoods and beach, Tiburon like the French Rivera, China camp peninsula, Larkspur, Fairfax, hot springs on beach just north of Stinson, BOLINAS, waterfalls over beach after 6 mile hike North from Bolinas.


Ron Alexander I lived all over Marin however my fav. Was China Camp peninsula out from San Rafael, flat yard and fog free plus Wilderness aa the way across the peninsula.

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