Saturday, August 19, 2017

Time to eclipse confusion, and...

Time to eclipse confusion, and allow your clarity to shine:
Milton Foster
There is an understanding of the importance of having clarity
for what you would like to create moving forward.
But during such times of energetic intensity,
much that is looking for healing comes up for examination and release.
So how do you stay focused on what you want
while having what is NOT wanted come up so clearly?
Dear Ones, your world is always full of contrast.
You are grand and powerful energetic sorters.
Do not be afraid to look at, identify, and let go of old energies.
Acknowledge, label, and release. Then consider it gone.
You can then consider yourself much more in line with what
you DO wish to create, now that you are not hauling
that old energy with you. Allow your focus to continue to be
brought to where it can be of the greatest good for you,
whether it is a momentary acknowledgment
of what is no longer a match,
or redirecting towards your new creations.
It may help to think of it as cleaning out your closet.
You have to look at each thing to decide whether you would like to keep it
or to let it go. You get to have continuation with what works with you,
and you can release the rest without a second thought.
And you understand the space that is created
in your close is ready to receive the new that so better matches the times
you are in and your latest preferences.
You can go about this process with ease. Do not put undue pressure on
yourself to only pay attention to one specific thing.
Sometimes you need to momentarily pay attention to something
to let it go. Move with that flow, decide what you wish to release,
and then give your blessing of continuation through
your continued focus and appreciation moving forward.
It does not need to be more complicated than that.
~Archangel Gabriel
Trinity Esoterics 

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