Friday, August 18, 2017

Seven Days fast from FB and News

Miriam StJohn I did it. And to my surprise, after seven days I wanted to do it again it felt so good. I was drawn to Increasing my daily morning meditation to twice a day and that was the most uplifting and clarifying thing to do. Played music to clear the air of negativity, steeped myself in spirituality practices and reading, and got a lot done in the time I saved. Our human body responds to vibrations. We cannot ingest all this shock and vitriol without it impacting our thinking and our health. And we cannot be a light to others if we are so contaminated.
Ron Alexander Inspiring W.O.W. Words Of Wisdom, thank you Miriam. I an going to spread your message, okay?
Miriam StJohn: Thanks. That should help the awakened to tap into the power that comes from direct connection to the God of their understanding. In one of my meditations, He showed me the image of a clock. "Your power comes from being at one with Me. When the short hand (me) and the long hand (Him) are aligned at the twelve o'clock mark, you and I are one. But all this disturbance has drawn your short hand down to about 8. Come away from the turmoil and work your way back up to 12." Hope that makes sense! 

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