Sunday, July 23, 2017

Don't listen to the wrong person...

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Stop, Stop...

You are a Sacred Being, You are Divine, so Love your beautiful Self!😇

Roz Brooks
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I think something that is fundamentally missing from all our teaching is self-love, self-value, self respect. That is fundamentally the key ingredient and missing in so many teachings, whether it is religion or spirituality or new age thought. The fundamental thing is that if you don’t feel like you deserve to be healed, if you don’t feel that you matter, if you don’t feel that you have a passion or a desire or a purpose for living, then it is going to be a struggle for you to be healed. Because then what happens is that everything we do, everything we strive for in whatever modality, we are doing it from a place of fear. We are going after Chinese medicine or acupuncture or Ayurveda because we fear that illness and therefore there is this desperation. We are questioning ourselves: ‘What am I missing and have not yet uncovered? I am so scared of this illness, I have to beat this illness!’ So the driving force of our mind and actions is fear.
Instead we should ask ourselves: ‘How can I love myself more? What can I do from a place of passion? What can I do to support myself more? How can I feel more joy?’ Then when we are coming from a place of love it doesn’t matter whether we meditate on a mountaintop, pursue Ayurveda or whatever. It starts to work.               Anita Moorjani

Turning attention to the ONE LIGHT

Today I turn my attention within to the light of pure Being. I see myself in Oneness with the Universe.

Combat Medics in Okinawa as characterized in

I just finished watching Hacksaw Ridge, Incredible and what made it incredible because it's a true story..He is the 1st conscientious objector who was awarded the Congressional medal of honor as a medic..
He saved 75 soldiers by lowering them down a cliff..
Mel Gibson directed it and didn't spare any gore..
It reminded me during the Vietnam war I registered as a CO and it wasn't that I was afraid to go, I just didn't want to kill..
So the draft lottery numbers came out and my number was 320 something so I knew I wasn't going to get drafted..
A little side note My band won battle of the band that night also..
Life just didn't get any better!!
Ron Alexander Very realistic, I work with a WW2 Combat Medic who fought in Okinawa. He became a medic because he did not want to kill either. The acid test is in BAsic Training, when you are required to run at a human - looking dummy yelling loudly and stick a bayonet in him. When he knew he could not do that, the sgt. sent him to the chaplain. The chaplain advised them to make a medic out of him. There was no trouble, as medics were badly needed. The reason the hero in Hacksaw Ridge got into trouble with his fellow soldiers is that he refused to carry a gun. The Medic I work with (as a volunteer at the VA) was happy to carry a gun "to protect my brothers if need be." He never had time to use that gun, and was wounded while helping save his brothers. He came home with a purple heart and a Bronze Star for bravery. At age 91, his injury still bothers him. He is more proud of coming home, using his GI Bill to get a degree from North Western and attend grad. school at U. of Chicago, afterwards he helping write the Equal Job Opportunities Act.

Relax and Release for

Not a drop, but...