Saturday, August 19, 2017

Spirit Keepers Message from

Beautiful Spirit Keepers💫
It has been a long time since I have talked to you. Today, as the eclipse is about to happen, I want to share with you the message that came through me this morning. Are you receiving Spirit messages? Oh please share here if you care to.
I am incubating. I have been in this process for the past couple of months maybe more. Maybe it's my whole life!😃
I hope you enjoy this message. Feel
free to share it.
🤗Big Love beautiful Keepers💫 take good care
The message:
Unfasten your seat belts, breathe deeply, exhale even more deeply, keep it up. Release what no longer works or keeps you stuck or feeling less than, or scared or insignificant. You are made of star ⭐️ chemistry. This is a fact. Science. Quantum Light. That's who we are. Take some leaps, even a walk can be a leap. Hug and be bathed in nature. Hug and walk with yourself. Take your time. Be gentle and kind in this immersion and process. Those of us who understand this or resonate with this, we can be together in this. No matter what distance is between us. Kindred Community. We are the ones we have been waiting for(Hopi Prophecy). Support one another. Be kind. Be compassionate. Even when you feel misunderstood, not respected,
honored or unappreciated. Be fierce in your truth and convictions. Cause no harm, especially to yourself. Get quiet, listen, a lot. Observe, don't react. Try not to be afraid. That's your mind talking and the collective consciousness. Your Spirit is whispering to you all the time. Can you hear it? Let go 💫 as you can, baby steps are perfect. Allow the eclipse energies to float you down the river of your truth and your heart of hearts ♥️. Blessed Be and so it is!
All My Relations🦅🕉☸️☯️ Lindsley
Jennifer Uhler Perfect message for these times of turmoil and uncertainty in us and surrounding us! Thank you dear one(s)! 🙏💞🌀
Kimberly Spalding Bledsoe beautiful message and sooo very true
Jeannette Micoleau Wonderful message! Just what I needed. Thanks so much for sharing it.
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Ron Alexander Where there is hatred, sow Love, injury sow peace. And eat more blueberries. Thanks dear Lindsley😍

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