Monday, July 31, 2017

Outside view of reality to an inside view.

Anita writes writes “I went from an outside-in view of reality to an inside-out view. That is, I used to think that the external world was real and that I had to work within its confines. This is pretty much how most people think. With this view, I gave my power to the world outside, and external events had the ability to control me—my behavior, moods, and thinking. Emotional reactions and feelings weren’t considered real because they weren’t tangible. They’re thought to be m...erely reactions to external events. In that model, I was a victim of circumstances rather than the creator of my life. Even illness was an external event that just “happened” to me randomly. However, after my NDE, I began to see myself as a divine and integral part of the greater Whole.”
How do you all define self-empowerment and do you believe we create our own reality. Here is what Anita has to say:
It’s knowing that we are divine. And we are creators of our lives. It also means knowing that there is a part of you that is more intelligent than your left brain thinking. Very often people misinterpret that. They think if I am the creator of my life I am going to decide what I want. And then again we shine our torch only on that which is known. What I say is that you are the creator of your life, but don’t worry about pursuing or creating. The only thing we have to do is love ourselves and allow what is truly ours to unfold. You don’t even have to worry what it is. Because what is truly yours will unfold. Just follow your joy, follow your passion. And all I have to do every day is just ask myself: “What would I do today if I did love myself? What would I do in this situation if I did love myself?” And really the situation or the life that unfolds before you is much greater or much more powerful than if I myself tried to create it as the creator of my life. I am the creator of my life, but I don’t actually consciously pursue or create it.
I allow it to be created.

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