Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Introduced Cousin to Capt. America 39 years ago

Sandy Burkes-Campbell
I came to this place with my cousin Ron Alexander 39 years ago to see his friend Barry Campbell. What a wonderful journey began that 
Ron Alexander Capt. Barry on the gorgeous Yacht AMERICA was not aboard when we arrived. He was in window seat at nearby restaurant, when he saw us out the window, he fell out of his seat. He had no idea we were coming (did not know Sandy), and the last time we saw each other was in Ft. Lauderdale, on the same yacht. What a prophetic response, Barry recognized his Soulmate at first glance🙄 Congratulations Barry and Sandy! Blessings, Ron Alexander
Annie Campbell Belcher Thanks for my existence , Ron!

Ron Alexander Quite a trip for me. I had left my boat on the Waccamaw River near Myrtle Beach and hitchhiked North to experience Autumn. I met Sandy in Newburyport, who introduced me to a half-brother who I did not know I had. I was going to continue hitchhiking North to see Barry, but Sandy kindly offered me a ride. She may have been intrigued by my stories of "Captain America", who had taught me to sail, after I had purchased a 26 ft. Sailboat in Miami. He helped me sail up to Ft. Lauderdale on a very stormy night, if not for Barry, I would have probably shipwrecked on the stormy Gulf Stream on that maiden voyage.. Then a year or so later, Barry kindly helped me sail a larger 33 ft vessel from St. Lucia, where I had purchased it, toward Fl. I think he flew . home from Antigua. As you probably know, Capt. Barry is an excellent sailor, and I owe him a lot of gratitude.

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