Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cooler in San Francisco

Vicki Tucker Perfect weather for a day in a great city!!!! Love SF!!!
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Susan Wade-Wingard Always got chilly near the bay when I visited Vallejo at night!
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Ron Alexander One of my happiest moments was hitting the cool fog after coming through the Oakland Tunnel , after driving through 100 degree plus Central Valley in a non-air conditioned van full of disabled kids. There were several wheelchairs strapped on top. The floor was too hot for bare feet and/Or sandals. We had been in a donated cabin in Yosemite, swimming in the deliciously clear and cool river, and touring the beautiful majestic Sequioas, so it was all worth it. Most of those kids were life-threatened, but they loved life knowing how to live in the moment better than anybody I have been with. Angels on earth, and now in heaven🙄
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Ron Alexander That trip had to be in late August, as that was only time you could swim there. Also, the Sequoia Grove was called Mariposa. I made it a point to get to magical Yosemite every season, as they were so wonderful different. Oh the river is named the Merced River. In our case, it was the South Fork. Great memories despite that hot trip back. That was a donated van and I never took that trip without AC again.

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