Sunday, July 16, 2017

Balance between two grades of awareness:

Ron Alexander How about balance? Can peace be found as a balance between pure awareness and a awareness of a mind seeking entertainment?
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Pierre Thériault Ron Alexander this is where the spiritually awakened....of those are teachers...struggle to give answers but must always take a stance because not doing so reveals some lack of spontaneous wisdom. On the one side you have those that have a new agey point of view and state that we create our own reality and as such we should be one with reality. Somewhat as a doing. On the other side you have those that always go for pure beingness and that the mind will always deceive us and should be left out of the equation until awakening is full. But both approaches rely on a belief and fail to address the specific circumstance...simply because it takes much wisdom and experience to know what is really happening as we die to ourselves. And in my view, an honest answer is that it definitely is not easy to know any specifics. Therefore one tends to point through learned wisdom and scriptures or long as they resonate as being true. Perhaps there is nothing more to say or do; simplicity tends to be truest.

So to comment on your great question: in a sense this is what seems to always happens. We die to ourselves, but we die never really out of balance, and continue in the balance. But we must take responsibility for recognizing what is happening in our spiritual life and find ways to bring devotion and awareness forever closer and clearer. And ensure that we keep letting the body and mind energies run out of energy. Not wonder it is so rare past a certain point. Many get lost in the emptiness; many come back and seek entertainment, in the name of integration and freedom 😊

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