Friday, July 14, 2017

Afraid of Federal Healthcare?

To those who don't like the Feds involved in health care: I have been employed at many hospitals around the country. I have watched the "private" hmo's take over most of them. And profit is more important than care. In the last few years, as an elder vet. with health problems, I have been a patient(and a volunteer) at VA hospitals. The health care workers are much more concientitious and the system is much more community oriented, and that is pure FEDERAL CARE!  Ron Alexander

Karen Damborg Hinson My deceased husband was in a Veterans Home for 4 years before he died. Nothing but praises for everyone and every experience in the process.

Ron Alexander David Sears: Well that is good to hear. If I remember correctly the VA has been Federally operated for decades and correct me if I am wrong it wasn't until a few years ago that the hammer came down on the VA because of public outcry as to why bets had not been getting the best care they could. I'm glad to hear it has improved. Not because the Feds run it but because U.S citizens, military and civilian alike will not tolerate less.
As to your other points very salient. Thanks for the information.
Ron Alexander: Yes, Bush had a good VA director, then Obama and now even the one under 45 appears to be solid So far. The problems with the system has been with administration at some hospitals. Obama made sure the Phoenix VA was taken care of, as he inspected year afterwards, and I have a friend who works there who validated the improvement. Most VA Hospitals are teaching hospitals, which means more idealistic young Residents supervised by professors and other teachers from the nearby medical schools. If a VA HOSP. has a problem, it is highly publicised. HMP hospitals are closed systems and have safeguards and lawyer who do what it takes to prevent bad P.R. Remember that many FOR PROFIT HMO' s were public hospitals paid for by our taxpayers. I consider these takeovers to be one of the worst possible things to happen to our med. system next to our greedy insurance companies.


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