Monday, March 7, 2016

Yes, I see the successful result of my efforts! (Peace for Vets. doc.)

You can have what you want, do what you dream, and brave what you fear, Ron, if you first see it done in your mind. Always works.

    The Universe

We have a 95 year old veteran who is the last known survivor (of the 3000)  of Merrill's marauders from WW 11, he is hard of hearing but his memory is really good,  do you know of any project that might be interested in interviewing him?   I haven’t talked to his daughter about this but I’m sure she would be in favor.
Fascinating Interview for the Veteran History Project at the Library of Congress today
Ron Alexander I just had a great interview with the last Merrill Marauder - 95 yr. old Jim White at an assisted living center in Conway. A delightful old man who had terrible experiences including malaria in an almost unknown part of WW11 in Burma. It took him years to recover and captured my heart when he let me know that he built a sailboat to help recover and sailed around his homeport of Gloucester, where his Father was a Lobsterman!

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A documentary filmmaker discovers a healing process that helps veterans facing the end of life and struggling to resolve their past.

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Go in Peace! ... keyring, and a copy of Karen van Vuuren's award-winning first documentary, Dying Wish. ... $75 Our heartfelt thanks and a DVD of Go in Peace!

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