Monday, March 28, 2016

Homes for the Homeless Vets

I wonder why the government want stop demolishing base housing and use it to house homeless Vets until they are on their feet. They would be close to the treatment they need and they will be safe. What a great opportunity for them that would be Ron Alexander. We can do this. Let's start a petition.
As many as 50,000 veterans in the United States have no place to live. Two veterans from Kansas City, one a Marine and one a former soldier from the Army, have…


Wow, what great timing, I just placed an homeless vet with PTSD in with another home-owning vet who also has PTSD. They are both on their way to healing, with the home-owner further along & is going back to school in social work, and her goal is to own other homes to provide housing. I know she will like this idea, as there are a large Navy base here in Charleston, which is basically closed. Thanks Carrie Nelson!

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