Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Meditate on Peace

Meditate on Peace.
What else can one say or do about the violence in Brussels?...we're across an ENTIRE ocean. James Twyman is the peace troubadour, as he calls himself, who is trying to get as many people as possible to bring peace to difficult situations, like Syria, Brussels, our presidential campaign. I am with James. Go to to learn more.
Here's another thing we can do. Today, I reached out to James Redfield, who also has a worldwide prayer group going and encouraged him to ask James, Deepak, Oprah, Richard Rohr, Neale Donald Walsch, and others who have worldwide prayer groups to join email databases, not for commercial purposes, but prayer/meditation purposes. Imagine all these people praying/meditating at the same would be millions, perhaps hundreds of millions. PLEASE CONSIDER WRITING THESE SPIRITUAL MASTERS TO SHARE THEIR LISTS! OR AT LEAST TO ENCOURAGE THIER FOLLOWERS TO JOIN A LIST TO BE CREATED FOR EVERYONE.
Situations like Brussels are handmade for this Easter season. Jesus the Christ overcame so many challenges because he believed in himself, in the presence of Spirit in him, in humankind. So after Brussels, we are reminded this coming Sunday: Believe in ourselves, believe in the presence of God IN US as we each understand God to be, believe in humankind. The only other option is to despair, and that is not an option.
So, yes, I say Happy Easter: Happy continued growth as a race, as individuals. And, meditate on peace. More importantly, as it says below in this email, BE PEACE.

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