Sunday, March 6, 2016

Near death and other experiences at time of death...

 And there is science that shows the brain switches more to right side near death, so changes can occur then. I have worked alot with death and dying, and I say do not judge anyone in their last hours. Also, I have known a man who was a bully young, an assasinator in military struck by lightning, declared dead for an amazing 11 mins., during which he had to face everyone he bullied and killed from their pt. of view. It was purgatory for sure, but then he got to face some robes, and was feeling great, but they sent him back to earth, against his will to do reconciliation healing work. He had died 3 times, never wanted to come back but is forced to, and the last healing program he started was an Hospice with mantra of "no veteran should die alone." He is now ready to die peacefully and hopefully not come back. PEACE!

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