Saturday, March 26, 2016

What does it mean to resurrect?

The tree of life lives in the middle of another garden; it is the
olive tree from which the oil of anointment is drawn.
Thanks to it, resurrection is possible.
- Gospel of Philip
Do we ever stop to contemplate what it really means to resurrect? When there is something so foreign to our experience, and seemingly belonging to another time so long ago, it is easy for us to glide right over without giving it real thought or any kind of energetic contemplation as to what it may mean for us. 
In the Old Testament we read of both Elijah and Elisha bringing back to life those who had died. Yeshua likewise raised Lazarus and others. These are instances where the life-force was returned and reignited in the physical body, so there was a resurrection of sorts. The resurrection of Yeshua however, was something other, akin to the Transfiguration where the fullness of the Light was embodied here in this physical realm. An amazing spiritual feat of absolute mastery.
The Tree of Life provides a very real spiritual framework for coming to know the actual possibility of this resurrected knowledge. Every branch is a Divine Quality and Energy that we are invited to partake of and participate in. The garden it lives in is the Garden of Paradise, the home of the soul. The garden of the cross lives in this world and the world of the physical body. And yet, when the Garden of Paradise (the soul) and the garden of the cross (the body) are fully united in the Light, something other is born. This unification was the ultimate work of Yeshua in this world - the full transfigured embodiment or the resurrected Body of Light. 
How do we even begin to touch this great mystery in our lives? Is it so lofty that we immediately turn away and seek something much more simple? Do we even believe it is possible, not only for Yeshua, but maybe even for us one day? Almost feels like heresy or lunacy to even consider the possibility - that is how far we are away from the great mystery waiting to be born.
Can we stretch our mind, heart, and most of all our experience? Can we open to even feel a small amount of light enter our physical bodies? Reiki masters or long-time meditators may not be surprised by this, but can we keep opening and allow it to increase daily? Do we even want to experience it? Once we get over the disbelief then we have to encounter our desire or lack thereof, and enter into our discipline to continually reach higher, and further, and deeper. And then of course, we need to integrate it into our daily living by bringing the “on high” to this earthly existence. 
This is the ultimate aim of the Tree of Life, this is the ultimate anointing. 
It is the energy of the Daughter on the Tree who receives all the energies from the other branches and then she is asked to walk with it upon the earth. Can we each day open ourselves to receive a little more energy, a little more light, a little more love. In this way, we can know we are simultaneously walking towards, and are actually always in, the Garden of Paradise. As Teresa of Avila said, she had seen nothing more wondrous than the human soul, a Garden of Paradise that God delighted in.
May we delight in this Garden, may the Garden delight in us! And may we open to greater possibilities in our life and be prepared to receive the unexpected delights along the way.
I wish you all new possibilities and new life at this wondrous time

Meghan Don

Founder and Leading Guide 
The Gnostic Grace Circle

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