Thursday, March 24, 2016

Time for slowing down and resting in peace

As in between the tides,
The Incoming tide, and
The Outgoing tide.
There is a period of slack water
Where there is no rushing tide.
The same goes for the breath,
In between the inhalation
And the exhalation.
There is a resting phase.
As both the tide and
The breath approach this
Resting place, they slow down.
So there is a time for slowing down
And a time for rest, for peace.
Wise people learn how to
Consciously chose to
Increase the slowing down
and resting phases of our life.
Just as the moon waxes and wanes
Full to new.
Relax to Renew. Now!

The Ocean's Tides Explained

The alternating pattern of rising and falling sea level with respect to land is what we know as the tides. What causes this "motion of the ocean"? In one word, gravity. Specifically, the gravitational forces of the Sun and Moon.

The key to understanding how the tides work is understanding the relationship between the motion of our planet and the Moon and Sun. As the Earth spins on its own axis, ocean water is kept at equal levels around the planet by the Earth's gravity pulling inward and centrifugal force pushing outward.

However, the Moon's gravitational forces are strong enough to disrupt this balance by accelerating the water towards the Moon. This causes the water to 'bulge.' As the Moon orbits our planet and as the Earth rotates, the bulge also moves. The areas of the Earth where the bulging occurs experience high tide, and the other areas are subject to a low tide.


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