Monday, March 28, 2016

One with All

Arthena Sophia Aradhana Nope. There are some I wish to not be one with. tongue emoticon
Ron Alexander One with LIGHT, nothing else !
Arthena Sophia Aradhana Ah... then I concur. wink emoticon
Theda Parks
Theda Parks The light within may be the same, but the outward experience is very different through the filter of perception. Can love, forgive.. but may not want to spend time with them while they are going their learning experience. XOXO
Marcus Robinson Like it or not, we are inextricably connected to everything, everywhere; already; always. We ARE the One.
Ron Alexander Thanks for the thoughtful replies Arthena Sophia Aradhana, Theda Parks, and Marcus Robinson, ONE LIGHT, ONE LOVE Ron!

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