Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dr Hew Len 1 of 9, ho'oponopono 100%RESPONSIBILITY

"POOR SOULS" (Shakespeare)  We repeat the same tragedies over and over because we do not look at the source.
The information, the "date" is stored in our subconscious, and that is where the "cleaning" "erasing" needs to take place. If I see you as goofy and crazy, it is in my data and needs to be cleansed.
What is going on in me that I see "goofy and crazy" in you.
"The most profound thing in ho'oponoopono is that you can erase data.""Love your enemies." Fall in love with the data, and allowing me to see it. What is left when data is erased. Don't allow the data to run you. What is left, emptiness, zero, blank , absolutely free of data, and there you have clarity. Back to zero, only there is perfect information, Inspiration.  ho'Oponopono is the release of dead data.

Ron Alexander If everything we experience comes from that "pure mind essence" then there would be no judgement, no meanness, no anything but pure light and love. I think most of what we experience is from our knowledge which is what we have learned. "Wisdom is letting go of information" and there is EMPTINESS.
Thankas Inn Dharamshala: Ron Alexander exactly
Most of what we experience comes from identification with knowledge.

Elizabeth Maria Seger I heard Michael Bernard Beckwith yesterday say that too many of us are caught in the victim story of our lives, I think that's where hate , anger and fear and intolerance comes from. Victims resent that they are not getting what they think they " deserve" so they hate, fear others who they think are.
Ron Alexander Identifying with any story, any old information, can lead to suffering. Letting go of old data, information and allowing Emptiness ("Emptiness = clear light = the union of awareness and primordial wisdom") to be Inspiration.

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