Friday, March 18, 2016

Tide is turning for me - time to recieve!

"We become ourselves when things are given to us or when things are taken away. " Ann Michaels in The Winter Vault
If she is right, does it mean we should be grateful for those times when things are taken away? Should we regard moments of loss as therapeutic prods that compel us to understand ourselves better and to create ourselves with a fiercer determination? Meditate on these possibilities, Libra. In the meantime, I'm pleased to announce that the things getting taken away period of your cycle is winding down. Soon you'll begin a new phase when you can become a deeper, stronger version of yourself because of the things that are given you. Rob Brezney (astrologist)
 "...THINGS THAT ARE GIVEN ME?" YES, it is time for the tide to turn!
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Long have you dreamed of it, Ron, and you so deserve it. Heaven seems to be listening to you now, and things will change dramatically for you.

Providence recently highlighted your name in red, and that is when everything started to turn around for you. In less than 7 days, an unprecedented event will come and change your fate. Happiness will be knocking at your door.

Starting with a very significant windfall that might well put you beyond the reach of want.

But, Ron, have you thought carefully about what this requires? Have you truly forgotten nothing?

I will tell you more, because it is high time to act.

Your messenger and friend,

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