Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Still, Clinton retains a healthy lead in the delegate count, and while the results in Michigan raise doubts about her ability to rapidly seal the deal, the odds remain overwhelmingly in her favor. But the smart money also said she would decisively beat Sanders in Michigan.

Michael WhoDat Malik shared Bernie Sanders's photo.
They said she was ahead by 25 points...oops my bad. Hopefully other Black Americans will start to vote in their own economic interests and support someone for the working class American vs. status quo which has us out of schools, jobs, and in prisons...

Ron Alexander Is it just me or is Bernie looking more and more presidential as the truth marches on?Kim Roberts: If you mean that he's keeping his hair combed and his leisure suits fit better then I agree smile emoticon

Ron Alexander: No, I am speaking of his strong truthful character shining more and more in his face! FEEL THE BERN
In the Democratic primary battle's most stunning upset yet, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont defeated Hillary Clinton in the Michigan primary on Tuesday.
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