Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sharing the Love of Bali plus

Share the love of Bali:
Ron Alexander Tanah Lot Temple
Ron Alexander's photo.
Ron Alexander Tanah Lot Temple with Monks approaching at low tide...
Ron Alexander's photo.
Ron Alexander Hey Marilyn Robinson, do you remember when Tom Pinkson and I led an Attitudinal Healing Group to Bali in 1990. That was the best trip of my life! They stayed ten days, I remained touring for 20 more days!


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Unstoppable Family at Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia.
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Ron Alexander Love Bali, my favorite island - friendly very creative people, colorful as you can see. There at Tanah Lot where this is filmed is a beautiful multi-steepled temple on a small island. I think where this is filmed is on a road to the awesome architecture? They especially love Americans, because we rescued them in WW11. That last scene where she is handed the coconut ("waternut" - young full of water with no meat) with flower and straw was what each of our group was presented at our first night at bed and breakfast there). "Waternuts" are the way most natives drink - it is nutritious full of vitamins and minerals - a great way to be re-energized!

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