Saturday, March 5, 2016

Pat Conroy left his body yesterday

Ron Alexander: Thanks Clay, Pat was a friend of mine - knew him here and also in San Francisco, I appreciate your words above! Pat was one of the greatest most courageous writers ever. He told the truth about The Citadel and the South that many did not want to hear much less read. RIP Pat Conroy!
Clay Dolan
2 hrs
Pat Conroy passed yesterday. Charleston is such a beautiful serene place that we take it for granted without thought sometime. To see and almost hear its splend...or on paper almost makes you cry and want to be there so. Its magical from sunrise to lazy sunsets to the stories in between of our childhoods that no one but us could smile at our beautiful culture and ways. We live in a magical place folks and a person who could give you chills of its beautiful description has left us for the last time. To some we are only left by words and the words are all we have to comfort us. I'll miss you Pat...Dorethea Benton Frank will carry Charleston's torch for some

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