Sunday, March 6, 2016

Go to a political rally silently wearing a Meditating for Peace t-shirt

James Twyman, World Peace Pulse's photo.
James Twyman, World Peace Pulse
Healing the Insanity of the US Presidential Election
IMAGINE a group of people sitting silently at every Donald Trump rally (as well as other candidate's rallie...s) wearing T-Shirts that say: "Meditating For Peace." Not a word will be spoken or a political view expressed, only silent, peaceful action.
It doesn't matter who you support in the US Presidential election, but there is a feeling of impotence surrounding the divisive and violent rhetoric that calls to be healed. Join us on March 21st when James Twyman and many others will be at a Donald Trump rally in silent witness to this need. For more information go to:
Ann Marie Denelle: Love the idea and to me it is a good effort to raise consciousness of the concept of peace. Non violent action for awareness that there is another way of conducting " business".

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