Sunday, February 7, 2016

Thanks for your SMILES!

I was kind of down this AM, and when out, I had a few people smile at me surprisingly, and it really helped cheer me up. When I got back home and found the edited video of the awesome 96 yr. old POW of Stalag 17 online, I really cheered up. Editing these interviews of these real heros has been really hard but very worthwhile. In the meantime these unwarranted smiles have really helped! Thanks all you SMILERS!
Andy Skadberg A smile is the most wonderful gift that we can share with others. It is how love shines its face to us. Breathe it in.
Carrie Nelson I love you Mr Ron. Please know that.
Carrie Nelson You make me smile.
Robyn Summers-Shelley keep on a smiling my friend xx

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