Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You are created and sustained by LOVE

Dr. Lee is the son of Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, who I worked for at his Center for Attitudinal Healing then in Tiburon, CA. (started the Young Adult Group for life-threatened kids) Dr. Jerry, a child Psychiatrist started The Center about 8 years previously, and some of the children were now teenagers and wanted to be around more of this age, hence Jerry ask me to get a grant and start the group - best job I ever had, the young adults wanted to LIVE, so I took them on all kinds of trips = several trips to Yosemite, river-rafting on the American River, sailing on the tall ship THE CALIFORNIAN, camping, etc. They knew how to live in the PRESENT, as they knew they were not long for THIS world.! ALWAYSin my Heart! Ron Alexander
Dr. Lee Jampolsky
You are created by Love,
You are sustained by Love.
When challenges show up in our lives, so do our false beliefs, and fear can take hold. When I look back at m...y earlier life, I see all the many ways I sought to be filled and fulfilled. From drugs to worldly success, I looked everywhere else but within me, always away from Love. Though I no longer do this in these large, vastly destructive ways, I do see the smaller things that I may still be tempted to do, mistakes that are not reflective of the truth of who I am, and do not come from Love. Even a moment of impatience or a day of withheld forgiveness contains the seeds of such mistakes.
I invite you to join me in taking an even closer look at this and ask two questions:
What sustains you?
What do you turn to when you feel empty, afraid, or depleted?
Approaching these two questions with honesty is really at the crux of a spiritual journey and of Inspirational Psychology, at the heart of how to move more deeply into love. It includes acknowledging the ego’s ignorance, arrogance, and denial. Many people have the tendency to believe that certain relationships were mistakes, or that they were deluded or led astray. Then problems begin.
Unfortunately it is probably the norm that we see this stage as the beginning of the end of what we once thought to be love. But it can also be the beginning of a deepening, of being able to bring space into to the relationship.
Love is ever-present and at the core of who we are. If you'd like to explore this idea further, please take a look at my new book, Love, Sweat, and Miracles, now available on Amazon.

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