Monday, February 22, 2016

Vulnerability from the Full Moon in Virgo

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Soul Beckons
Full Moon in Virgo ~ The Snow Moon
Some of us are feeling this one with a bit more intensity.
Especially if we have tried to harbor something that needs a full ...release, the energies are casting a light on these places.
Many are stuck in trying to be perfect.
Many are full of judgements that slow them down.
“The archetype of the Inner Critic and Judge may appear now…"(Dipali Desai, Celestial Space Astrology)
This Moon invites us to look at a bigger picture, and stop picking apart the details.
Let the vivid dreams come,
let the replaying of before happen.
Yet, do not get stuck in the viewings.
Let it inform you, all of you.
Turn your limits around and allow what has happened to stir you into new movements.
Allow it to go past the mind and the need to be perfect or right.
Let your deepest places have their say.
Let yourself be informed but do not feel punished.
Ask for a grand release.
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Full Moon Blessings dear souls,
Tracy Soul Beckons

Artist ~ Donia Lilly
Ra Divakar Nothing like being vulnerable around trusted friends! thanks Tracy of Soul Beckons, Will Melies, and artist Donia Lilly

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