Saturday, February 27, 2016

Single Payer Health Care System Attacked - Toni and Ra Respond!

Single Payer Health Care System Attacked - Toni and I Respond!
Ra Divakar: Key comment: Be suspicious of any claims that this is straight forward because a different kind of system works elsewhere! YES, ISSAC, SINGLE-PAYER WORKS IN MANY COUNTRIES THAT HAVE SO MUCH BETTER HEALTHCARE THAN OURS. RESEARCH FIRST BEFORE YOU GO OFF WITH THE RIGHT WING AGENDA WHO Degrenate it!
Toni Boutwell :For profit healthcare is the worst kinf=d, this is why we need single payer and controlled co
st. I lost count of how many times my late spouse and I had to go to Canada for medicine, it was cheaper to fly to Maine and ride in woth friends, stay a weekend in hotels and get 3 months of medicine than to get one month here
Ra Divakar: Yes, I worked in hospitals as they were brought up by for Profit HMO's. These were mostly public hospitals paid for by taxpayers, and were not meant to make a profit, Now in this state, they are graded on how much money they make - that is a SICK SYSTEM. The hospitals in the poorest counties where they need public healthcare most, are being closed down because they are not making a profit. In Calfornia, the taxpayers are revolting and gettiing their own hospitals back by firing the politicians who sold out. This will happen everywhere once people wake up and Bernie Sanders is helping people AWAKE! THANK YOU BERNIE YOU MAY NOT WIN HOWEVER YOUR IDEAS WILL WIN IN THE LONG RUN! WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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