Sunday, February 21, 2016

Negative emotions create nervous system chaos and hurt your immune system...

MaryRose Winkler with Vilma D. López.
16 hrs

Did you know?
The heart is where we express our emotions after "thinking" about how to respond to the feeling / emotion... always respond with a loving heart for the highest good of all.... that makes us ALL winners yes?
Dee Ferguson: I recently discovered I was having a prelude to a heart attack, from heartbreaking emotions, associated with recurring trauma.
PTSD  I realized I might as well be stabbing an ice pick into my own heart, by continuing to allow the pain. I had to grab hold of the moment, the reality of now, and change my perception (thoughts) about what was happening, or die.
The pain began to subside right away, and I am now aware every time I feel the tug..and shift my thoughts immediately.


Miriam StJohn
Miriam StJohn Good stuff. I read the obituary of a professor in MA which said that "she put her whole heart into her children and her students." It didn't surprise me that she died of a heart attack, because evidently she didn't leave back any of her heart for herself!
Ron Alexander Wow, great reply, thanks Miriam StJohn! This post was Divine Timing for me, as I had just finished my post on verbal abuse(see my post above).By the way, my heart was blocked, I think for my self-abuse and had to get pacemaker installed, which has been miraculous for me! blessings, ron


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