Saturday, February 13, 2016


Thank you for sending me the link. I admire the artistry of your delivery. How did you achieve the production
quality to allow your voice to be heard with clarity & nuance? I imagine there you have other articulations of this homage... Some of which you've shared with me. It's my firm belief that every bird has the right to sing its song.
Hello, Ron.
I just got through listening to your memorial about your brother. I’m so moved. What a beautiful man, soul and body! How you loved him! Your tenderness and appreciation come through loud and clear. I honor every word you expressed because every word has soul behind it. He’s a part of you still, and that part is tremendously proud of you for having memorialized his integrity and the love between you. If I know anything about the in-dwelling spirit, I know, too, that the Barry that lives within you is equally proud of who you’ve managed to become, of the HUMAN being you’ve co-created yourself to be. I am honored that you share this profoundly beautiful memorial with me; I intend to listen to it again and again.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Oh, here is a short 3.5 min.  YouTube video where you can learn more about me and the effects my Brother's Death in Vietnam had on me and my whole family:

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