Friday, February 12, 2016


One good friend passed away 8 years ago. I was in a different town as it happend but still i fell to the ground before I got the phone call. (one of many things that have happend) Anybody know similar situations?


Julie Wagner oh yes. I called my friend to tell him of a death. He said "You're calling me to tell me J died". No way he could have known. J wasn't even ill etc. But also, my son has medical needs, we know that I'm aware of his needs when not with him. I rush home ...See More
Ron Alexander I was in the Army in Alaska, not in Vietnam because my Brother was. He flew medevac helicipters. He wrote me a letter warning me not to come over there, when I was in training. All the soldiers I knew were anti-Vietnam war. Barry piloted unarmed rescue choppers because "I want to help not hurt people and I love the Vietnamese." I had switched over to the medical corps for same reason. One day I had a temper tantrum in the barracks and just started throwing things around in rage against the war. A friend helped me clean up. Nobody blamed me, for they knew about my Barry and hated the war too. Three days later the Chaplain showed up, I was ready to hear that Barry was killed at the same time i had that rage. He had only 2 weeks left.

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