Saturday, February 13, 2016

Playing beauty of divine timing in my life

As we say in Drama Queen Workshops, the script has already been written, Sweet Souls. We wrote it before entering Earth's stage.
You can go off-script and improv, as if your human body costume, its thoughts and beliefs are in charge of your life. You can ignore the evidence that it can't always manifest what it desires. That only delays your learning. It stops you from growing. And it almost guarantees that you will not fulfill your soul's purpose.
Remember: You are not your ...body. And this is not your body's life; it's YOURS, Sweet Soul. So look at the drama that surrounds you. And before reacting to it, before allowing your body costume to try to change anything, ask: "Why did I, as soul, create this? What is this drama teaching me? How is it serving my soul's growth?" That's when you'll begin to spiritually evolve. ~Loud Mouth in the Balcony
For me this could be an anti-VALENTINES' DAY message Patricia Arnold? Does this mean the "scripts written" that I am supposed to be alone in my old age?

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