Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hmm, that Universe is Omnipotent (good thing I AM Universal energy)

There's nothing you've ever done, Ron, that I haven't significantly done for you. Not buttoning up your shirt, not brushing your teeth, not finishing your sentences. Not your first job, not your last job, not the friends you've made in between. Not the money you've earned, not the money you've spent, not the home you now live in. Your part was the simple part. You thought of what you wanted done and you willed yourself to move, which was all I needed to orchestrate more miracles than there are stars in the night's sky: flexing your muscles, spinning your sentences, infusing you with inspiration, and weaving circumstances and players together so that you could come alive in the vision you held onto and moved with.

I say we keep it that way.

Keep moving,
    The Universe

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