Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ever get depressed?

P. A. Do you ever get to the point where you just give up and say "why bother"? So much bad news these days. It's really depressing and leaves a hopeless feeling.
Ken Sharpe Nope
Ron Alexander Dear Pamela, I get there sometimes, and do what I can to get out of it knowing "this too shall pass." Sometimes, it is a good book, sometimes it is reaching out on phone or even here on facebook. Sometimes, I pray for relief from this depression. Other times, I realize that nothing is real. "Row, row your boat, gently down the stream, gently gently life is but a dream." Don't allow life to be a nightmare, you do have a choice, though hard to see sometimes. Peace, my friend.
Francine Van De Vanter Sometimes I think it, but don't actually give up - cause what's the alternative, right? That's why we love are pets so much - unconditional love from a furbaby brings happiness smile emoticon
Jim Follkie All the time!
Pamela I had to stop watching the news!!! Always somebody getting killed here.
Pamela  Something that happened a couple of weeks ago is giving me nightmares. This place is a place of bad Karma.
Ron Alexander You will like these interviews I am getting out of old vets - two in the VA hospice, where I volunteer anyway. I was so good at getting stories out of them that I was asked to lead up the interviews for the Veterans History Project Voluntarily for the Library of Congress. I am so appreciative of your support when I first started this work. I will be makeing a documentary out of poignant parts

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