Monday, February 8, 2016

Early Valentine Message

We were upstairs getting ready for school when we heard the roar of the garbage truck. The kids ran to the window and had a perfect aerial view of the man who about to discover the colorful gift bags next to a trashcan.
We watched as a man -- who normally works at lightning speed -- take pause in confusion.
It appeared that we caught him off guard.
It appeared that a handmade Valentine was the last thing he expected to find sitting next to a trashcan.
It appeared that he was not convinced these gifts were for him.
It appeared that although there was hesitation, he finally accepted that these gifts really were for him.
It appeared that it was just what he needed on an unusually cold and unlikely “snow day” in the South.
But I must admit, what touched me even more deeply than the awe-struck look upon the trash collector’s face were the expressions of the people who had created this moment. Peering out the window with wide smiles were two children who realized that despite having small hands, they held great power—power to put love and kindness in the most unsuspecting places. And when they do, the world as they know it becomes a little bit brighter and a little more hopeful.
© Rachel Macy Stafford 2011
This memorable experience happened on my very first Hands Free Valentine’s Day, three years ago. It has become our family’s February tradition ever since. Appreciating those who often go unappreciated is the essence of grasping what really matters. Thank you for being part of The Hands Free Revolution letting go to live more & love more.
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