Wednesday, February 17, 2016

7 pictures of nature

I have been nominated by Ulla Modoni to post 7 pictures of nature and to nominate 7 people to do the same. Today I nominate Ron Alexander:
Capt. Ron on Carrot I. off Beaufort, N. C.
Ft. Sumter (sailing with Veterans on Deck) on the horizon in Charleston, S. C. Harbor
Bristlecone Pine (the oldest Being in the world over 4000 years old) on the White Mountains in CA.
Scene of Marsh and Creeks across from the Isle of Light off end of  Little River Neck, S. C.
Sunset off the Isle of Light and across from Cherry Grove, S. C.
Capt. Ron sailing Beaudacious off Cuttyhunk, I. Mass.
Photograph of IFS (International Field Studies) boat by Ron Alexander in the Exumas Bahamas.

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