Friday, May 5, 2017

Serving others is a joy, and is a wonderful way to transcend self . (Good morning, this is a great way to have joyous expectation!0

Thanks Theda, from experience thankfully I know the large difference between depression and Clinical Depression. I was not suicidal and I had an appetite, so I knew I had to change my thinking and take small positive steps mindfully yesterday. And this got me to the VA, and there I knew working with these courageous disabled VETS would completely take me away from any negative self attitude. I had one of best interviews ever with a 85 y. o. in a wheel chair. His motto for years is "winners don't quit and quitters don't win." He has been highly honored for his mentoring work and is still mentoring as far as I am concerned. So I an going to add service to above advice about getting out of regular run of the mill feeling down on oneself as opposed to Clinical Depression, where one really needs professional help. Thanks again dear Theda,

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Theda Parks Ron Alexander I love that you spend time with these veterans. Even personal pain can be focused for very good things and helping others. Good stuff. XOXO

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