Thursday, May 18, 2017

Love Awareness

Siddhartha Bordoloi
Continuous Love
The essential practice is to love awareness.
I remember when I was in college I was very attracted to a particular girl. I had already been practicing meditation daily for several years. The aim was to be aware of thoughts, feelings, words and actions all day long. Even on the best of days I could not sustain awareness for more than a few hours at a time. There would be long lapses into forgetfulness.
So I was attracted to this particular girl and was amazed how I managed to be mindful of her all day long and often in my dreams. I could be driving or talking or studying or eating or talking to family over dinner...the whole time she would be at the back of my mind. It was a very interesting phenomenon to me. How could it be possible to have such keen awareness, such unbroken awareness, and so effortlessly?
Over the years with the ripening of my practice and guidance of several masters - in this case specially HWL Poonjaji - I came to understand that the secret to living in the moment is to literally fall in love with the now! To be infatuated, to be completely enthralled, to be captivated and filled with the love of the now.
Some people say it is better to say ‘rise in love’ than to say ‘fall in love’. I still prefer to say ‘falling in love with the now’. Falling, it’s effortless, it’s what happens when we let go. We fall back into ourselves, into reality, into the silence. We fall in love with the silence between words and thoughts and within words and thoughts. There is great richness here. Life is very sensual when we love the now. Simple things like the warmth of one hand touching another becomes blissful.
I invite you to ‘fall in love with the now’ for today. You will be amazed at how deep the love can go and how it glows brighter and brighter burning away all suffering and attachment in a blaze of clarity.
I never feel complete unless I supplement theory with practical tools. So what can be a practical way to have continuous love in our relationships? I like what Jack Canfield shares in his book Success Principles: He asks his wife every single week, "Honey, how would you rate our relationship this past week on a scale of 0 to 10. And if it’s not a 10 then what would make it a 10?"
So if she says it’s a 7 and its not a 10 because he didn't help take the garbage out or keep his promise to take her out or whatever...he gets the message and knows how he can improve. She gets a chance to say what’s on her mind and feels better. He re-affirms his commitment to their relationship by inviting authentic sharing in a space of deep listening. We can all use this powerful question to improve our relationships. Ask it and then just listen defenselessly!
The continuum of love extends from the heart of the universe to the hearts of all beings. As we fall in love with the now we expand our capacity to love all that enters the now and be receptive and responsive in fresh, delightful ways. Being like a sun, loving everyone.
The essence of wisdom is to be aware of love. To be in awe of love.
(Post by) : Nithya Shanti

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