Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Questions on Suffering from I AM perspective

Ron Alexander Effortlessly simply not trying I AM.
Thomas Manthey Ron Alexander in your beingness of I AM I'm curious to know how your heart feels knowing 30k children under the age of five died of poverty today.
Ron Alexander Thomas, how does it feel to judge me, and what do you do to feed these poor children. Almost everyday I give out food to the poor. Do you?

Thomas Manthey No judgement....just a real curiousity of how someone with I AM selfawareness processes in their heart the reality of tens of thousands of children dying in misery each day for lack of adults caring for them.....myself addition to working with Food Not Bombs...I have dedicated my life to manifesting a subsistence farming village for each of our children who are dying of poverty today.

Kristin Anne Unruh All the suffering of all God's children is what drives many a seeker to try to help and to look for help to find the answers to alleviating it. 
Then comes to the seeker the help to end all suffering! 
Starting with the dawning of awareness that all is
 that all is the dream of i. 
Once awareness viscerally dawns in the seeker, the way becomes as clear as Self-recognition. 
We children must all die of the poverty of childish thinking and grow in understanding of the truth about out what that is what IAm, IS reality? 
If everyone in the nightmare of suffering wakes up from the dream, the suffering would not be there for anyone.
The pathless path that Sri speaks of turns out to be the most effective treatment for suffering and helping. But first things first, to discover the real truth about reality for yourself, in yourself, as our self


Kristin Anne Unruh "All cruelty arises from beliefs. In the absence of all belief, love shines." ~ Adyashanti, "My Secret Is Silence"

Thomas Manthey Question is really addtessed to you personally does your heart feel knowing 10 thousands of children under the age of five die of severe malnutrition each day? 
Your answer Kristin, again, doesn't tell me how knowing millions of children are being allowed to starve to death at age 3 impacts your heart.

Ron Alexander Bless your poor suffering heart Thomas, how can you live with thoughts/beliefs like that? I have a lot of compassion for unconscious attacking people like you. Life is but a dream, no use making it a nightmare.

Kristin Anne Unruh Sorry for intruding,, but now i felt i was speaking to your question. Seeing suffering evokes deep compassion which wants to alleviate it. Which causes the seeking heart to look for answers. 
For how to end all suffering. 💞

Thomas Manthey Ron Alexander it is a nightmare for the children who are experiencing the self cannibalizing of their bodies culminating in their death at age two, yes? If you dont want to share how that impacts your worries...

Thomas Manthey Kristin Anne Unruh I don't mind the in your heart you feel a deep compassion for the children who are dying from extreme starvation....thanks for sharing...the answer to end the suffering of these children turns out to be a simple pick them up and feed them and love them...of course given there are millions of them...they will need millions of us kindhearted adults to answer their cries....I am working on a catalyzing a global movement to do just that. Pm me if you are interested in working to manifest sustainable subsistence farming villages for each of is time to end the needless suffering of our children, yes?

Thomas Manthey For the heart is so saddened and outraged that my elders have not taken the time to care for them on a priority one basis that I am devoting my entire life to making sure my generation and those younger do so.

Ron Alexander Thomas, you are projecting that I do not have a compassionate heart. Please mind your own suffering. You have no idea all that I have done and am doing to relieve suffering in this world. Peace must begin within.

Thomas Manthey i only asked you share how the death of these children impacts your heart....i dont know you personally to say anything about your heart...that's why I asked...

Ron Alexander Peace, peace, Thomas. I have already told you, I feed children and some adults everyday so I am glad you are doing what you say you are doing, and I am going to end this conversation now. I have nothing to prove to you, however, I am going to advise you to guard your heart. I am 72, and have suffered greatly from deaths in war, ah never have your path, and I have mine! Good luck and hope you can learn how to stop creating starving children in your mind.
Thomas Manthey Thanks for your well wishes...and in my mind the children are all safely ensconced in farming villages where they are loved. We begin at the end, yes?

Ron Alexander Yes, thank you for a good ending, Thomas!

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