Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rev. Rosemergy's wise words, except for one concept.

What we must discern is the difference between the created God and the God that creates, the God that created us. It is the question of the true God and the false God.
The ego creates in its own image...This is the created god, the god created by us, the god often associated with religion--a god that is angry, judgmental, punishing, exclusive, conditional in "its love," a god that needs to be worshipped.
And then there is the God that creates, the One found in stillness and silence. The God of possibilities, the clay without shape or at least a shape seen by us as pure potential. We must be careful when we make statements about this God because our statements can portray, not the God that creates, but the created god.
And so I proceed carefully with just a few statements that I must ponder and unravel before I dare to utter more statements of the nature of God.
Statements like: "God is mystery," or "God is love." And if I begin to feel the presence living as me I might boldly declare, "I am," a distant echo from the burning bush. But no more, no more until I am still and silent. Then perhaps...just perhaps.

Ron Alexander In all respect, Rev. Jim Rosemergy, the "ego" is not the devil. Freud who created this concept says it is the Concious connection between the Id and Superego. The real problem is our judgements, including that of our necessary ego. No part of us is junk. The ego is necessary until we don't need it anymore, and that means you are ready to die, or enter an Ashram or Monastery or prison where your cell as a meditation place and the guards as your servants.

Evan Moulton Yes, if the mind says, "I am", it is bearing false witness, if in the silence spirit says, "I am", it is truth expressing it's nature.
Ron Alexander I agree with you, Evan, however,the "mind" is not the "ego", possibly the problem is semantics, but words count.
Mark Drew I love where you two are going. Thanks

Ron Alexander I studied A Course of Miracles with Dr. Bill Thetford who asked for it and scribed it. I taught it after studying it daily for two years. I learned a lot from it and taught it for a couple of years. But that is the text that made the "ego" as something sinister, and was never comfortable with that definition. I asked Dr. Thetford about it and he said "tear out those pages". He lived the Essence of ACIM which is "Love is the Essence of our Being", This man came closest to letting his ego go, better than anyone I have ever met. Also, at the same time, he was ready to let his body go. On July 3rd, he told a friend that he had never felt so free. On July 4th, 1986, the next day, he let his body go.

Jim Rosemergy Nice thoughts everyone.

Ron Alexander Possibly change the descriptive word to judgmental mind or unhealthy ego or unbalanced ego as does my Unity Charleston SC Rev. Edwin D Kosak

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