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Love, death and the unconditional love the death of the ego?

Ron Alexander Love is not unconditional, if you leave out your ego. Your ego serves you until you do not need it any more. Think of your ego as your inner child, and you have to be very aware of it, and sometimes have to set boundaries, with tough love, but never take your love away.

Griff Griffin Unconditional Love is perhaps our natural state and death/ego our un-natural


Ron Alexander Equating death with ego is unnatural.

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Griff Griffin Ron Alexander perhaps reading the text that explains it will help 

Griff Griffin forming opinion/beliefs without knowing appears to be rampant! lol

Ron Alexander If you are speaking of ACIM, I used to teach it. The only person,I knew personally from when I was studying the course, Bill Thetford, was the only one, who appeared to have lost his ego. And he left his body shortly afterwards. Losing the ego means losing our body for most of us. What part of you judged me?


Ron Alexander To clarify losing both the ego and body is true freedom. Bill Thetford apparently left his body joyously on July 4th, 1986, after telling a friend he had never felt so free.

Griff Griffin Ron dissonance, like the ego is a vibration that merely needs re-thinking, re-tweeking, not judgment. Here's what the course says about the ego and I'll leave it ther: what is the ego?

1 The ego is idolatry—the sign of limited and separated self, born
...blah, blah,(from ACIM)
Ron Alexander And again, what part of you is judging me. Fundamentalists of all religions including the ACIM are imprisoned by their closed minds, locked up beliefs. Dr. Thetford knew that ACIM was full of concepts, and he told us to "tear out those pages." He ROLE MODELED the Essence of ACIM: LOVE IS THE ESSENCE OF OUR BEING. Perhaps it may help to read the last page again😘


Griff Griffin and why do you look at me and see judgment Dude??? lolol

Griff Griffin The whole course is a concept. Forgiveness is the concept out of concepts peace and love in the Oneness that we are💜😘

Ron Alexander Griff Griffin The ego provides an important function in being able to discern and prioritize and yes even judge if needed. I have learned a lot of valuable life lessons from ACIM, one of the most important is IN MY DEFENSELESSNESS, MY SAFETY LIES.

Ron Alexander I know that ACIM zealots think I am blasphemous, yet so do all fundamentalists!

Ron Alexander Griff Griffin A "concept" is mental knowledge. Experiencing Spirit in whatever form is WISDOM. Or as ACIM terms it "the Holy Instant"!

Ron Alexander Griff Griffin Oh, I know I have an ego, so I have no problem in admitting that it is my ego that judges, discerns, priorities, makes choice. The originator of the ego concept is Freud, who defines the ego as the CONSCIOUS translator of the id (instinct, also necessary) to the SuperEgo (the aware Ego).

Griff Griffin You are not separate Ron sorry don't buy your specialness 😘 you can't be defenseless and be seeing attack as zealots and fundamentalists. This is level confusion


Prudence Prajna Oneness Thank you for your comments Griff. If someone wants to argue over for the ego over unconditional Love, there is perhaps nothing to say. Blessings.

Ron Alexander So are you "special" to be defending ACIM?

Prudence Prajna Oneness Yes. Unconditional Love is Our True state. However, the choice was made for ego mind/anti-Love identification. That is actually the "free will". The Presence of Love does not See it as Real, nor judges. We do not need to be troubled about it.


Ron Alexander So do you claim to have killed your ego, Prudence?

Ron Alexander Prudence Prajna Oneness If you were unconditional loving, you would thank me too!

Griff:  I see no satan I see Love brother Peace to you
Ron Alexander Bless your heart, Griff, you see "no satan" however you see "ego and equate ego with the devil. Jus sayin...

Prudence Prajna Oneness am not sure where some of this stuff being said is coming from. however, am not seeing or feeling anything to argue or dispute about. as far as "have i killed the ego?" not sure what that is thought to mean. i am, however committed and welcoming to see and experience fully what is (seems to be) there within, the inner ugliness, lovelessness, projection of guilt/judging in Awareness and Acceptance, calling upon The Grace of God, Angeles, Higher Sacred Self for assistance, in gratitude.

Ron Alexander Your headline is egocidal, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS THE DEATH OF THE EGO.

Prudence Prajna Oneness Love, Our True Natural state Is always Present. The Way to Realize however, is to actually See in Awareness, our lovelessness (aka The Ego).

Ron Alexander "The Ego" is not the inner devil. that is what the Fundamentalists teach, there are two black and white entities - the Devil and God. Do you believe in duality. Most of ACIM is about oneness. However, like the Bible it was written by humans. The new testament with mostly Jesus's teaching is the one that is best about teaching ONENESS and LOVE. Helen was not JESUS! Although she claimed to be channeling him.

Ron Alexander I want to thank you for being a spokesperson of the ACIM, that is special, have you ever experienced an HOLY INSTANT - THE ESSENCE OF YOUR BEING, now that is the MIRACLE!

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