Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Never blame the vets. for the wars and we had no choice in WW11

Never blame the vets. of all the wars. We were innocent and doing the best we could under the circumstance. Many were drafted or like me enlisted under the threat of the draft. Others, young and idealistic, believed the govt. reasons to go to war.
WW11 was a different story, as our country had no choice. Japan and Germany invaded (Pearl Harbor and U-boots sinking our ships in our coastal water and even taking over a couple of the isolated little ports in N. C.) and declared war on us before we declared war on them.
Now I have one year anniversary of volunteering in the VA Hospice and Palliative Care. I really enjoy listening to the old and injured vets. stories, so they picked me out to send them to the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. Sixteen so far and 9 more getting readied, and more I want to interview. There is a new vet in palliative care, who was in WW11, Korea and Vietnam, and he likes to tell stories, so looking forward to interviewing him soon. I am not anti-war, however I am Pro-peace!

1 Year Ago
The Hospice Orientation:
I have just finished an excellent orientation to VA Hospice today. One of the outstanding teachers is a social worker who just happene...d to sit beside Dr. John Wesley Fisher at the dining room when he was at the VA a couple of weeks ago. She ordered his book ANGELS IN VIETNAM, and like me could not put it down. And ordered his new one, A FLIP OF THE COIN, which is similar to my experience as a brother, whose brother was killed in Vietnam, at the same time I was in the Army. She is more than willing to help network for his visits back here to the VA and the UnityCharleston. I am getting the book back from Dr. Ron Acierno, who is my supervisor for my other volunteer job as a peer support therapist assistant. As presenters today, we had a MD in charge of the Hospice program and his partner a Psychiatrist, who is in charge of helping them live a quality life while here, a RN, a Ethicist MD, and the Volunteer coordinator. They were all really good, and I am proud to be part of their Palliative Team. I really enjoyed your sermons yesterday, as was obvious as I stayed for both. Helping heal the wounds of war, ron
p. s. THEY ARE ENCOURAGING ME TO GET STORIES FROM THEM if they want to tell them to me, and to spend as much as time as they are available! YEAH!

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