Friday, July 29, 2016

My Essence that causes smiles


I Have Limitless Faith
My knowledge that the Essence of my being is Love, and is ever available to me, gives me an increasing capacity to draw upon It. And to ...become increasingly aware of the presence of this Essence, this Spirit. There is something at the center of my being that is absolutely certain of itself. It gives me complete assurance that all is well. I am a Divine Being here and now. I know that in this consciousness of Reality is the supply of my every need – physical, mental or spiritual – I accept that supply in deepest gratitude.
I am thankful that this is the way Life fulfills my needs, through the doorway of my inner self, and I am thankful I know how to use this perfect Law. I come to this great Fountain of supply, in the very center of my being, to absorb that for which I have need, mentally, physically, and I am filled with the sense of Reality of that which I desire.
I know that Love is at the root of everything, regardless of its seeming absence. Since there is but one Spirit and this Spirit, this Essence is in me and in everything, then wherever I go I meet this Divine Essence. I meet it in all people, in all places, and in all things. There is a Essence of Love permeating everything, flowing through everything, becoming all things. I that limitless faith in this unconquerable Presence. (Ernest Holmes/Ron Alexander)

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