Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Perpetual fear?

Chris Murphy for Senate

Ron -
Tonight, I'm taking the stage at the Democratic National Convention to talk about the gun violence that plagues this nation and how we can fight back. It's an honor to get to speak on such an important night, and to be surrounded by others who are fighting so hard to change our nation's gun laws.
Last week in Cleveland, Donald Trump laid out a disturbing vision for America where Americans live in perpetual fear. It was a country where threats lurked around every corner. And according to Trump, the only way to protect America is for citizens to arm themselves to the teeth (and pad gun manufacturers' pockets in the process).
Tonight, you're going to hear from me and many others about another way forward. About how we can channel our outrage about the violence in this country and turn it into meaningful action. You're going to hear from people who have faced the worst tragedy imaginable. But instead of retreating in fear, they've pushed forward, galvanized by the knowledge that we are not helpless. We have the power to change our laws and stop this cycle of endless violence.
The contrast couldn't be more clear. Do we want to live in a country where Donald Trump tells us we should be perpetually afraid and paralyzingly helpless? Or do we want to live in a country where we hold the power to make our streets and schools safer places?
In this fight, we have the American people on our side. But we need to change the face of Congress if we're going to change our laws. That's why I launched this fundraising effort to elect candidates who are committed to closing loopholes and passing commonsense reforms.

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